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Yin, Yang, the Cosmic "Shit-Test" & Neo-Masculinity...

I suggest the "neo-masculinity" movement would benefit a lot from thinking in terms of Yin and Yang...

Much of what has been discovered by the proponents of the masculine is a re-discovery of this ancient science, and yet most people haven't yet made the connection.

By studying the differences / relationship between the male & female principles, we can predict what men and women will be like, and much more besides.

Only when I started thinking in these terms did I finally understand the women in my life. Now I'm finally able to deal with them... :)

How awareness of the 'shit-test' has surfaced amongst men is an excellent example of real-science in action: Observation and logic by individuals, communicated to others clearly. That's what men are good at, and we should do much more of it!

When I really thought about it, I realised that it has universal implications... All females do this - and that explains *everything*...

What Is a Shit-Test?

> A test that a girl performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him. 

Perhaps a better definition:

> ‘Shit Tests, in my definition, are her way of finding out whether or not you’re a remarkable Man. (

Shit-testing is how women test men - to see if they're any good. Like squirrels testing nuts, they give them a good whack, and see what they sound like...

It's actually completely fair. Women are true to their God-given nature. They have to be like this, and it's right that they are.

The Cosmic Shit-Test

This article is arguing that life itself, from cradle to grave, is the Goddess Yin's shit-test for you and I.

Of course, you may doubt that there even might be a Goddess at all, let alone one called 'Yin' who has made the whole of this reality as a shit-test to see how much of a man you really are...

Yin has many names: Lucifer, Sophia, Mary, Inanna, Ishtar, Gaia, Columbia, Brittania, Liberty and on... I don't know if they ring any bells for you...?

The elites know this stuff - that's why the Statue of Liberty is female. It represents the rebellion of Lucifer against God - which is actually the rebellion of Yin against Yang.

'Mary' means 'her rebellion': That could be reworded as "her shit-test"...

Yin is wild-nature, and she must be tamed and managed by Yang, with love and justice... Once tamed she's quite nice.

Yang leads and Yin follows, in theory. When Yin gains control and leads, only hell can ensue. This is what the 'Garden of Eden' story is all about...

Neo-masculinists will recognise the description of female nature as fundamentally wild, competitive, feral, and without conscience. This is the Yin-mind of nature - it's the mind of *competition*. Yang is the mind of cooperation.

Yin is competitive. Yang is cooperative.

The Science of Yin & Yang

This is a huge subject which I intend to cover in time, please subscribe/follow if your interested in knowing more. It's too complex to be covered in one article, but the basics are:

This reality is a duality - it's made from two opposing spirits which interact in many ways to create what we experience.

In the beginning was the One infinite creator. To create the Universe he *desired*, He first created Logic, then using Logic created Yang & Yin... They created a hierarchy of spirits - which create all material reality.

Yang and Yin are the 'Divine Parents'. They are archetypes, and they are a relationship. Neither can exist without the other.

Yang is Male: Active, giving, expanding, hot. Heaven / Spirit

Yin is Female: Passive, receiving, contracting, cold. Earth / Matter

Every pair of opposites can be, and *should be* characterised by Yin & Yang. Some of them take some thinking through, and some are the opposite of what you might think...

But we have to remember they are a relationship - they're relative to each other. Something that is Yang to one thing, may be Yin to another: A child is Yin to it's parents because it *receives* from them, but would be Yang to it's colouring book & pencils.

By understanding what is Yin & what is Yang - we have a framework for understanding *all phenomena*: The foundation of the (actual, real) grand-unified-theory-of-everything.

As Above, So Below

Some of the laws of nature are so deep, that once understood, much of reality opens up like a book...

Yin and Yang is one of those laws, the Hermitic law of 'as above so below' is another. It means:

> What happens on Earth happens in Heaven too.

This law refers to the level of Yin & Yang (below & above), so there's another version, the **law of Singularity**:

> There is only one thing happening, all division is illusion.

The Hermetic law is the Yin version of the second definition because it resolves to 2 states, wheras the second resolves to one.

Yang is one, Yin is many.


Because we observe duality, we can deduce that there is a female deity who IS matter.

We observe all human women shit-testing men, in order to find the 'good ones'.

Because of the 'law of Singularity' we can deduce this is a universal principle. I.e. it happens in every Yin/Yang dynamic. We can guess that every form of life from bacteria to whales have exactly the same shit-tests to deal with.

Therefore the shit-test is really between the gods: Yin & Yang. The divine parents.

Who Are We?

Human males being shit-tested by human females is a 'living-out' of a universal spiritual process. We're agents of the gods.

We are all individually experiencing, and trying to find a solution to, the "war in Heaven": Where Yin is testing Yang to see if he's a genuine alpha hottie, or a sappy beta-male pyjama-boy...

Fortunately for Yang, he's the only real male in town, so he gets some time to sort his shit out...

This reality, and humanity as we know it, is the material expression of a conflict between unimaginably powerful gods, who are resolving their conflict through us.

In another perspective - we actually are the gods, or at least a tiny copy of them, or a dream-version of them. That's why we can resolve this, we have the power, and there's actually nothing else worth doing here...

The Real Conflict is Inside

The conflict we experience with the opposite sex is another re-presentation of a more fundamental problem.

The conflict is actually *inside* us between our two brains, & two minds. Yes humans really have two brains in their heads which are in conflict with each other.

  Yin - competitive, selfish, ego, illogic, immoral - the mind of nature. The 'reptilian brain' - the Cerebellum

  Yang - cooperative, selfless, loving, logic, moral - the mind of God (the true creator, the 'Great-Yang'). The Social brain - the Cerebrum

The only Yin we really have to tame as men, is our egos.

Until we've done that we will never be able to tame women, or life in general.

You can't change other people - especially women (Yin is solid, fixed, unchanging) - you can only change yourself.

That's our divine mission: Use our free-will to choose to think with our Yang / male brain, to overcome our selfish instincts - to become men.

No one can call themselves a man unless they think like a man, and that means putting other people first. It means being fiercely moral and just, truthful and fair. It means being honest enough to love God for your own existence, and to be forgiving and kind to all, while using force when necessary for defence.

The Great Filter

It seems to me that this reality is designed for one purpose only: To find the good men, and filter out all the crap.

But, it's not done in a direct, straightforward Yang way. It's done in an indirect, convoluted Yin way.

As boys, we weren't taught about the shit-tests of human-females, we were just shocked by them, and slowly learned what was going on. Women never tell the truth about what they want, they expect you to figure it out yourself, that's part of the test.

That is exactly what life itself is like here. No instructions just painful trial and error... It's exactly what a female god would do.

We have to learn to be Yang, and the shit-test is Yin's efficient way of training us. We should be grateful for it and love her.

Of course, it does mean that if you are a good man, then there is somewhere else to go besides Earth once the training's complete. And thank God for that - this place is a nuthouse...

Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why I Think God Is An Anarchist

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It doesn't matter if you don't believe in God, just assume there is one for the Hell of it... ;)

To me it seems that God must be an anarchist, and anarchy is the true natural law.

How Can You Know God's Intent?

Free Will. Just that. The rest of this is just filler... :)

There's only one possible reason for giving your creations free will: Because you want them to be independent. Independent people don't need rulers.

If the intent was to create slaves, then a robot-mentality would be much better.

What possible use could God have for slaves anyway? (I'm not talking about the Elohim/Anunnaki false gods - they apparently did need slaves.)

What would be the point in creating a whole Universe, filled with robot slaves doing pointless shit you just made up? It'd be just a vast clockwork trinket, a folly with no purpose. And it'd be just really fucking annoying, like those 'music-boxes' that play horrible jangly noises, or a train-set.

God's Slightly-Retarded Children

I think we're God's children, and this could be our pre-school... This is the place us widdle-kiddies go to learn basic manners before going to big-school.

That's perhaps one of the reasons why life's short. There's not that much to learn. Just the real basic morality stuff. It's not rocket-science.

Here is where we learn not to do all those disruptive things that would just annoy all the more mature students, like rape, murder, theft, lying, extortion, etc. etc...

Why would we even need these skills if we weren't intended to be freely interacting with others, un-ruled?

Would You Enslave Your Children?

If God's the 'heavenly father' and we're His children, then He could be expected to treat us the way we treat our own children - i.e. you give them space to grow up their own way, in their own time - so they can be themselves.

While our kids are small we protect them and lead them away from harm, but we don't expect our children to stay as kids forever. That'd be a nightmare. We want them to grow up and be our equals. (In fact most of us'd like our kids to grow up better than we are. Then they can look after us in our old age.)

It seems pretty clear that we're being trained by God to be able to handle our independence, so we can grow up and be our own rulers. God wants equals - not pets.

We all clearly have a lot of growing up to do, but there's only one possible direction given the fact we have free-will - to anarchy, and personal independence.

Thank you. :)